What humans were made for

My love for programming is rooted in web development, but really blossomed inside the realm of gameplay programming. Video games tend to provide unique puzzles to solve as a developer. The process tends to be much more about discovery and exploration. How can we make this more user friendly? Is this fun? How does it feel to control the game? These questions need answers and are pleasing to ponder.

3rd Person Platformer
Jun's name comes from jump + run. This was a team project between myself and some fellow art students at the Art Institute of Atlanta for Game Prototyping.
Physics Puzzler
Magnedude was a game made at the Global Game Jam 2011. It is a physics puzzler based on magnets. I was lead programmer in a group of 10 artists and 2 programmers.
Blockectomy was the first game I had ever made start to finish. It is a mix of bubble pop and tetris. It was put on Newgrounds and Kongregate.
Serious Games
A proof of concept for hands on, interactive training for the GA Tech Research Institute. The project uses the Razer Hydra for its six degrees of freedom.
Coop Platformer
Two boys connected by a child leash must work together to navigate an over sized kitchen. At the end is a huge chest of candy, but evil vegetables and fruit block their path.